What do the experts say?

Bob Roberts fishing

We invited Bob Roberts, a winner of the UK Masters Angling Championship, to come and experience Lough Derg. Highly in demand on TV and radio, Bob spends most of his time as a full time angler concentrating on fishing, writing and photography. We were delighted when Bob accepted our invitation and you can read all about his experience on his personal website bobrobertsonline.co.uk


“Now let’s be in no doubt, Lough Derg is big. Hang on, better make that MASSIVE. It’s over 40 km long by more than 11 km at its widest point. That’s over 32,000 acres of water running to 36 metres deep. The River Shannon flows in at the northern end (Portumna) and out again at the Southern tip (Killaloe) yet with the exception of pike anglers, very little coarse angling takes place. In a whole days trolling I spotted just two anglers fishing from the bank.
It led me to wonder when had I last fished for truly wild fish. Carp? No chance! English barbel? Give over…! This was something else. There are vast shoals of fish in Lough Derg that have never seen a hook nor ever will…”

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